Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New Year new ways

The Sandbach Woodland and Wildlife Group is busy! In case you didn't know (and especially if you would like to help), new woodland walks  are being created at The Dingle, alongside the Sandbach bypass on the Dingle Lake side, and soon along near the bypass on the opposite (Filter Bed Wood) side.

The working party at The Dingle has more or less finished the new little circular path there. The fragment of ancient meadow has been extended by bramble clearance and we are now waiting to see what may spring up in the spring!

This area is the home of a small colony of native Bulbous Buttercups. These are recognisable by the sepals underneath the petals, which bend down rather than up as in most buttercups (see picture). They also grow on the grassland near Park House Drive which still retains its historic pasture flora.
And we will also see what seeds may germinate from long buried seedbanks in the cleared areas.

Roll on, spring!    George Hill

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