Q - I have a wildlife emergency (a lost, sick or injured creature). Can you help?
A - We are not set up to help with this, but the top of the Links page has details of organisations that are.

Q - How do I support or join or get on the circulation list of SWWG?
A -  Please e-mail this blog at swwgblog1@gmail.com or the Facebook group of Sandbach Woodland and Wildlife Group.

Q - I want to come on one of your guided walks / surveys.
A - Come along! You do not have to be in SWWG already. The walks are study walks, so are only slow. Details of forthcoming ones are in the right hand column, with details of who they are suitable for. Please do not bring children or less mobile adults on unsuitable walks.

Q - What should I bring?
A - Good waterproof footwear and other weather gear. Binoculars etc. if you have them.

Q - Do I need to be a nature expert?
A - The walks have two purposes, to show people who don't know much what wildlife is there, and to let good naturalists see what they can find to add to our records. Both are welcome.

Q - Are members of other green organisations welcome?
A - Very much so. Members of some groups are representing their groups in SWWG as their contribution to it - see our Active Partner Organisations list.

Q - I want to help practically.
A - Great! Watch our Practical Projects page for news and the blog itself for hot details.

Q - I am interested in woodland. Can I help with planting trees?
A - We think trees are important, and want to plant them wherever they will do good. We also believe in proper woodland management in the Wildlife Corridor, which may mean taking out some stunted, spindly overcrowded trees so that rich mature woodland can develop, and in protecting some open ground for wildlife when trees would, for instance, shade out butterfly- or flower-rich grassland and marsh.

Q - Don't we need all the trees we can get to combat global warming?
A - Global warming is down to human habits most of all, so awakening people to environmental need should be the top priority. This applies also to the three other huge environmental issues, which are pollution, waste of resources and loss of biodiversity. We should certainly support all forms of carbon trapping and carbon reduction. Planting trees is actually most effective in the tropics, so also consider international carbon offset schemes that do this. If you do not already support one, a locally-based one is Climate Stewards , whose founder was Sandbach Friends of A Rocha group member Brendan Bowles.

Q - Do you have a website?
A - No.

Q - Why not?
A - This blog does all we need at present. In any case, blogs are more interactive - people look at them much more regularly or link to them.

Q - I have requested an invitation to post on the blog. What can I post?
A - Up to 50 words of things in line with the group's aims and interests.

Q - Can I post pictures?
A - Please post them as Small size, to make the blog easier to read. People can always click on them to see more detail.

Q - I've seen some unusual wildlife. Should I do more than post it on the blog?
A - Significant records should be sent to county authorities. See the Links page for details of who to sent them to. We do NOT pass on for you species records which you have posted on the blog. But we are delighted to know about them.