Trail Guides FREE

Below are links to our FREE Sandbach town nature trail guides, which are:

1. DINGLE WOOD Trail (with views of Dingle Lake)
[author: SWWG (2017, 2021)]
2. BROOK WOOD Trail (and Brook Wood circular)
[author: SWWG (2015, 2021)]
[author: SWWG (2023)]
4. SANDBACH ENVIRONMENT Trail (and tour of Sandbach Park)
[author: "Sandbach Friends of A Rocha" (2007, 2021)]

Download them below EITHER as a PDF for printing; OR for reading en route as you walk, on a mobile/tablet device. Printing instructions follow the links.

Brook Wood to Wheelock Trail (& Brook Wood circular) - FOR PRINTING

Brook Wood to Wheelock Trail (& Brook Wood circular) - FOR MOBILE/TABLET

b) for double-sided (e.g., 5 sheets), do NOT choose the double-sided print option. Instead, download the file, then open it in its folder (or save it somewhere else first). Then click File and Print and choose double-sided printing. You should then be able to select an option to Flip On Short Edge. Choose this (or some pages will be upside down).

Other local Trails not linked here include the Sandbach Heritage Trail (Sandbach History Society) and the Wheelock Rail Trail.

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