Friday 5 August 2011

Loud complaint!

Walking through Brook Wood, I paused for a few moments, then was startled by a sudden loud chattering behind me. Turning, I realised a (probably young) buzzard had landed in a low tree without seeing me, only 15 yards behind me! Moreover, it was being mobbed furiously by a very angry sparrowhawk, which obligingly perched in view so that I could identify it. Presumably the hawk had young nearby; the noise continued for a minute or two as the combatants moved away. Any other sightings?  - George

PS I apologise that owing to work, holiday and illness I have not led any guided walks recently. The next possible date for me is Saturday August 20th; please email me at the address of this blog if you are interested in a walk on that date; I will reply during the week before that.

Butterfly bonanza

Has everyone else been as busy? Anyway, a summer survey of the Town Fields meadow found an excellent eight species of butterflies. The most common, Gatekeepers, reached 39 (one more than last year). Others were: Large White, 6; Speckled Wood and Green-veined White, 3 each; Small White and Peacock, 2 each; Meadow Brown, 1; and nicest of all, my favourite, a Small Copper. Also quite a few 7-spot Ladybirds  - George