This is a collage of just a few pics from the Trails, the town, Sandbach Park and the bypass.  Some of these images appear in the downloadable free Trail Guides. (All these images: George B. Hill).

An extensive Gallery of many images, notably those by Roger Foden who has recorded the history as well as the wildlife of the Trails, is planned for a new SWWG website. 

Yellow Iris in Brook Wood

A newly-fledged young Nuthatch near Sandbach Park Pond

The scarce Black Spleenwort fern in Church Street

Banded Demoiselle dragonfly at Sandbach Park Pond

A nice colony of Large Bittercress in Brook Wood

A tall Crack Willow in Dingle Wood

Green-veined White butterfly at Sandbach Park Pond

A young Rabbit in the Park!

Comma butterfly at the Dingle, showing its white "comma"

Brown-lipped Snail by Filter Bed Wood

Small Skipper butterfly in Brook Wood

Red Campion on the Sandbach Environment Trail near the Park

A hen Blackbird carrying Peacock Butterfly caterpillars near the bypass

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