Wednesday 17 July 2019

Ringlet in the changes!

Roger F was delighted to photograph a new butterfly for Sandbach at the weekend, in the rough ground below the lower Waitrose roundabout. That is in the area that is downstream of St Mary's Dell. The Ringlet butterfly has been spreading steadily northward so it is hardly a surprise, but it is an attractive addition to Sandbach's fauna. At first glance Ringlets might be taken for dark Meadow Browns, but they have no orange panel above or below; and when they land an examination with reveal their eponymous rings on both upper and lower wings. Of course, if it is hot you may wait a long time for them to land! Well done, Roger! - George H

Friday 11 January 2019

Water Rail!

A great bird sighting at Sandbach Park Pond has been passed along by birding expert Andy Goodwin. In about November, he spotted a Water Rail feeding right underneath the boardwalk beside the pond (and it could well still be around for the winter, so look out for it!). This is the first he has seen there since the 1960s.