Tuesday 30 July 2013

Giant Clocks

The wildlife meadow at Townfields has turned out better than was first expected. I was particularly pleased to see not just one plant of Goat's Beard, as I expected but several, with their massive (double size dandelion) "clocks", there. A number of yellow Hawkweeds or Hawk's-beards (I shall have to look more closely at these) also appeared as well as Knapweed which is such a good butterfly plant. There is a plan to sow poppies as part of a national campaign to comemorate the Centenary of World War One next year. This is a fine idea although I doubt they will grow in the turf. They may well do best in the abandoned scruffy bits around the edge, since they are plants of disturbed ground such as cornfields (and battlefields) rather than hedgerows. - George