Tuesday 8 May 2012

Path to the flowers!

As predicted, the nice new path in Brook Wood at the Townfields end presently leads to the nicely flowering Large Bittercress colony. Following this are some pictures of the flowers, plus 7-spot Ladybirds, and pictures of the paths in the sunshine this morning. Yet another nice thing, though, was the comment of the passing dog walker who asked whether "The Trail" was muddy this morning!  It exists!  It was real to him!Don't miss it!

Above is the whole Bittercress colony in the marsh . . . 
And below is the seat to enjoy it from:

 - which you can reach like this, along this beautifully surfaced section of path where the natural materials have been re-used to make useful seats and screens,


and where at one point a partly felled hazel sapling has even been transformed into this great living hedge:

Again, don't miss it! And congratulations to everyone who has worked to make this possible  - George