Tuesday 6 November 2012

Winter cometh!

A entry after a long break! (Complicated summer!) The wet summer has left the Brook Wood path muddy in places but well used. If you see tree management (ie. felling) going on at some point, don't worry - it's all green. Various things have been ongoing. The flower slope at the back of Morris Homes may have more species in a year or two, as I have sown some Bee Orchid and Northern Marsh Orchid seed there. It will only germinate if the correct symbiotic fungus is in the soil, and the plants would not flower the first year. But watch that space! And watch for the shy regulars - Godfinches, Jays, Bullfinches, Buzzards and Sparrowhawks. But also watch on any berries around Sandbach for an exciting winter visitor. Waxwings have arrived this week in their hundreds in Scotland and the NE. Who will spot the first in Sandbach?  - George