Sunday 27 July 2014

Valley butterflies!

A walk down through Brook Wood on Friday revealed a fine collection of butterflies and other wildlife, which were also seen on the Sandbach A Rocha group walk on Sunday. Here are some pictures:

1. Mating Common Blue butterflies at the trail start below Homebase -

2. Small Skipper butterfly at the trail start below Homebase -

3. Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on the ragwort on Coronation Meadow -

4. Peacock butterfly on Coronation Meadow - the blackest of butterflies when its wings are closed!

5. Field Poppy sown on Coronation Meadow to commemorate the centenary of the Great War's outbreak -

6. Green-veined White butterfly on Coronation Meadow -

7. Goat's Beard seed head on Coronation Meadow -

7. Banded Demoiselle dragonfly on Arclid Brook at Dancing Bridge (and present all down the valley of the Sandbach Wildlife Corridor) -

Take a walk yourself down the wonderful new paths and see! - George Hill