Monday 9 October 2023

Sandbach Fine Trees Circuit - NEW

  And yet another one! Now on this blog you can find the links to our new SANDBACH FINE TREES CIRCUIT! On your desktop view, the links should immediately be visible on the right (as well as on a separate page). On your mobile or tablet you will need to go to the separate page - just click the down arrow to see the pages available. It is, of course, a bit late in the year to launch a Trees guide, but if you head out now you should be able to get a look at most of our finer trees before all of their leaves fall off. And next spring it will be brilliant to see them all coming into leaf! Let's all take care of them and of the wonderful world that has been lent to us. 

For help with this guide, I must especially thank Trevor Boxer of Sandbach Footpath Group, who has long made a study of trees around the Park and town. Also Roger Foden has added some nice photos. Please let me know of any problems with the links. And enjoy!         George