Wildlife Corridor data

Sadly, it is not possible at present to publish here a map showing the whole extent of the Sandbach Wildlife Corridor. This is because no map of the Sandbach Wildlife Corridor yet exists in the public domain of the internet, and no map is available apart from copyrighted ones owned by Cheshire East or the old Congleton Borough Council. It is hoped that a map of the whole Corridor can be drawn or permission obtained in due course.

Two simple maps showing approximately the south and north parts of the Corridor respectively may be found respectively 1) within the Sandbach Bridges Trail (South) downloadable guide (drawn by George Hill, copy with permission from Sandbach Woodland & Wildlife Group)and 2) on the Sandbach Environment Trail blog site (drawn by George Hill, copy with permission from Sandbach A Rocha Group) at EnvTrailMap  

Copyright also makes it not presently possible to reproduce details of the surveys and maps covering the Sandbach Wildlife Corridor that were prepared for the former Congleton Borough Council by both themselves and ecological contract parties. These comprised:

(1) - a public consultation document on the Sandbach Wildlife Corridor prepared in about 1990;

(2) - detailed ecological survey data.

However, copies of (1) and some of (2) have been very kindly made available to us by Ann Donkine of Cheshire East Council, to whom we offer grateful thanks for her detailed help.  SWWG is therefore able to allow interested parties access to (1) on request. We havee been using the excellent previous survey maps in (2) as the recording basis for our Data Sheet project resurveying the current wildlife of the Corridor.