In case of difficulty, the blog's e-mail address is - however, the blog is NOT intended as a postbox!

Although it has an e-mail address, "green" contributions should normally made as posts on the blog, not e-mailed. Adding posts is easy (instructions provided); to add posts, you must first be invited (any SWWG supporter can request an invitation) and the invitation will include a link to open the necessary gmail account (if you have none already). Without an invitation you can only add comments to other peoples' posts (still requires a gmail account).

Group correspondence should not be either e-mailed to the blog or posted here but sent directly to a committee member or task group contact: see the About us page for names.

All requests for invitations (and, if unavoidable, other enquiries) should be sent to the blog manager at (apologies, but reply may not be fast, and if you do not get a reply, please contact a committee member direct in case your email is sitting in a spam folder somewhere!).